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How to Choose the Perfect Windows When Upgrading Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Windows When Upgrading Your Home

When it is time to replace your windows it will be exciting to think of the possibilities and benefits you will receive when you get new windows.  Not only will your home become more beautiful and easier for care for, but you will most likely save considerable money on your energy costs as well. And that is not mentioning blocking the outside noises like the neighbor’s dog “Barkley”.  That is very exciting indeed.  But then you go shopping for your replacement windows and soon become overwhelmed with all the different types of windows and materials those different types of windows come in and discouragement sets in.  There is no need to shelf your dreams of beautifying your home with replacement windows because Door Systems is here to help you make the best window selection for your situation and budget.

Front of suburban home with a beautiful sunset

Minimizing Energy Usage with Windows

Conserving energy can be a primary reason for replacing your windows.  Windows are given an Energy Star rating based on their thermal efficiency.   You can choose between Single Pane Window, Double Pane Window or a Triple Pane Window. Understandably, a Triple Pane Window will have the highest Energy Star rating.

Single Pane Window

  • One pane of glass
  • Will stop wind
  • Will not insulate home from outside temperatures
  • Least expensive

Double Pane Window

  • Two panes of glass
  • Insulation from outside temperatures and decrease outside noise
  • Can reduce energy costs up to 50%
  • Up to 50% heat loss reduction
  • Cost less than Triple Pane Windows

Triple Pane Window

  • Three panes of glass
  • High energy efficiency and noise reduction (20% – 30% energy improvement ratings)
  •  Most durable
  • Safer
  • Long lasting

Modern apartment with multiple windows letting in natural light

Considering Window Materials 

With the type of window pane decision settled on, you are ready for another important decision. What kind of material will the frame for those window panes be housed in? Now you need to keep in mind the style and age of your home, the energy efficient goals you have for replacing your windows and your budget.   Most likely you would not want to install modern looking windows in a historical home.  Materials offered for your new windows can be composed of products such as aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, wood and more.

Our professional staff at Door Systems will assist you in selecting the perfect window frame material for your replacement window needs.  Your specific situation and needs will be our priority in guiding you to the perfect window replacement.   Consider the overview of materials listed below.  This overview will give you an idea of what is available for your replacement windows.

Vinyl Windows

One of the most popular choices for homeowners and business alike are vinyl windows. Why? Because they are strong windows that offer UV protection, are practically maintenance free and have high thermal ratings. You cannot paint vinyl windows, which is a part of their low maintenance appeal, but they come in a large variety of colors making it easy to find a match for your home decor. Both Vinyl and Fiberglass windows have air space that can be filled with insulation increasing their energy efficiency all the more. The lower cost of vinyl windows coupled with the benefits they offer have put these windows in the mainstream.

Wood Windows

The natural, warm and alluring features of wood are hard to match with stronger synthetic materials. Wood windows are a good option for those looking for energy savings. They are attractive to those who wish to keep their customizable home decor options open. You can stain or paint them to your exact desire. They are easy to transform, but that benefit comes with a need for more up-keep. If you like to change the look of your new windows, you may not find the higher amount of upkeep required for wood windows to be a draw-back. Keep in mind that wood will contract and expand with changing weather conditions. Heat and sunlight can cause cracking and water can cause damage with wood rot. You can prevent most these issues with diligent care. Wood windows can become expensive, depending on your choice of wood.

Simple white wooden window

Composite Windows

Consider composite windows if you love natural wood but are deterred from wood windows because of cost and upkeep. Composite windows are made from particleboard or a type of laminated strand lumber and can provide some of the same benefits of wood windows. As a general rule, composite windows provide better insulation, give more protection from water depreciation, and are less expensive.

Aluminum Windows

These lightweight, strong and virtually maintenance free windows are one of the most budget friendly windows available. They are well suited for homes in mild climates because they also conduct heat and cold. You could lose the energy efficiency of the double and triple window panes give if you housed them in aluminum.

Fiberglass Windows

The popularity of fiberglass windows is growing because they are very strong, look great on both the inside and outside and are energy efficient windows. There are many colors to choose from helping you to match them with your home decor. The low maintenance of fiberglass windows is very attractive. Fiberglass windows also have some air space that can be filled with insulation which will make them even more energy efficient. Fiberglass does come with a higher cost than other window options however.

Window Upkeep Plays a Definite Factor

Maintain the beauty and function of your new windows and protect your investment with window maintenance. Because not all windows are made the same, your care for them will vary. Windows that require less maintenance such as aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass have different care needs than wood and composite windows.  The professionals at Door Systems will advise you on how to best care for your new windows.  Our window professionals want you to enjoy your investment for many years.

Arched window in a living room

Annual Window Upkeep

Examine your windows yearly.  How is the finish holding up on the inside and outside?  Your wood windows may need some new paint, stain or finish to make repairs.  How are the moving parts of your windows operating?  They may need cleaning with warm mild soap to remove particles and lubrication to keep them moving well.  Sand, dirt and dust should be removed from the hinges, sills and tracks.  The lubrication used should be a silicone type. Do not use petroleum based lubricants.  Check the hardware that is exposed.  Are they tight and secure?  Are your locks and opening parts moving smoothly?   You should, however, be cautious about loosening some screws and should never disassemble window hardware.   If in doubt, seek advice from the staff at Door Systems.  You would not want to void your warranty.  Inspect the weather stripping around your windows; is it still doing its job of keeping air and moisture out?  As always, contact your Door Systems representative when you have questions.  They will guide with the perfect program and maintenance tips for the specific type of windows you own.

Matching Window Style to Your Home

When planning to update your windows, the style of your home should direct and narrow down your window style choices.   Spanish and Mediterranean homes use arched windows and have wrought-iron or wooden window grilles.  Those windows would look oddly match in a Victorian home that traditionally have expansive, varied and even ornate stained glass windows.  Traditional homes can use a mix of classic styles, but those classic styles would look out of place on a home with a contemporary style.  Contemporary homes look great with simple clean lines that maximize views and complement asymmetrical design.  Skylight windows are fantastic in contemporary homes.   The style of your home will guide you to the correct style of replacement windows.

Inside of a house with multiple windows

Consider Window Functionality

You may be surprised to learn how different types of windows function and what they can do for you.  You could gain some floor space with a Bay Window for instance.  These windows usually have one main picture window in the middle with two smaller windows angling back from the main front window.  Bay windows extend out from the house and therefore will open up floor space inside.   The deluxe version of a Bay Window is a Bow Window.  A Bow Window has more curve and more windows and could be a wonderful addition for your home.

If you love to garden, you may become jazzed about our Garden Windows and growing some plants inside.  You can purchase Garden Windows that have shelves and side ventilation.   Bring some of those wonderful herbs inside or enjoy the beauty of other plants in your home.

Those of us who live in the Kansas City area have a thing for Arched Windows.  These windows have an arched top to a rectangular window and add soft beautiful light into a room.

Maybe you love blinds on windows but hate to dust them every week.  You can add internal blinds to customize your Patio Windows if you wish.

There are many different types of windows to choose from that function in different ways; and there are all kinds of options to add on.  All that to say, consider how you would like your new windows to function and enjoy exploring the possibilities.

  • Other types of windows to explore:
  • floor to Ceiling Windows
  • Glass Block Windows
  • Louvered Windows
  • Mullioned Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Shed Windows
  • Sidelight Windows
  • Soundproof Windows
  • Storefront Windows
  • Sunrise Windows
  • Transom Windows

An outside patio during the day

Complimenting Your Outside Scenery

Windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outside world from the inside.  Just like you would choose the best picture frame for your favorite photos, think about how the shape and style of a window would frame your outside view.  This consideration would be especially true if you placed your home in a strategic position to capture a beautiful view.   Enhance that beautiful view with the perfect window to enjoy your surroundings.

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