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Window Repair Vs Window Replacement: Which Is Right for You?

Home Window Repair and Window Replacement in Lee’s Summit, MO

Window repair or window replacement? Chances are if you let that question linger, it will evolve into a prolonged internal debate. If you are in the market for home window repair or window replacement, chances are this internal dialogue has sprouted into an all-inclusive conversation with questions and answers.

Unless you are under the gun because a rogue baseball crashed through your window and you are seeking immediate home glass replacement, this debate and conversation is worthy of your time and attention.

Aesthetically speaking, a fresh coat of paint will spruce up curb appeal but it will not fix cracks, holes or underlying damage to the frame or window sash. Identifying the, “Why,” behind the task will help lay out necessary steps and ultimately define the finances behind window repair cost vs. window replacement cost.

Leaky Window Repair

Leaky windows can be a result of broken seals, bad window flashings, improper installation and poor construction. Residential window repair relating to old caulk, glaze or interchangeable equipment isn’t   difficult and will save money if the leak is isolated to a visible gap or crack. However, if the cause of the leak is not obvious and/or there is condensation build-up in the window, a bigger problem or potential hazard may be looming.

Leaky windows are a gateway to drywall damage, mold growth and wood rot. Wood rot is a common reason for window replacement.

Window Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot is caused by moisture and heat. Windows face the elements that promote wood rot on a daily basis: harsh blaring sunshine, excessive humidity, rain, wind, snow and ice. Chronic dampness causes wood decay, flaking and chipping. Not only is wood rot unsightly, it destroys the strength of the wood and essentially crumbles its form.  Fungi are an additional component of wood rot. If fungal spores are present, call a professional to evaluate. Left untreated fungi can spread into the household and cause health problems.

Termites love wood rot. A colony of termites can do sufficient damage as they feast away behind the scenes. While these unwanted houseguests may amplify the need for window replacement, a reputable window replacement service with termite exterminating experience, can definitively evaluate any damage and access the potential risk of infestation.

If the glass and surrounding frame are in-tact, reduce window repair cost by ordering parts directly from the manufacturer. If wood rot is extensive, window replacement will be necessary.

Energy Efficient Windows 

Caulking and weather stripping can temporarily reduce air leaks but window replacement goes above and beyond fixing drafts. Replacement windows include features that keep out harmful UV rays that deteriorate window coverings, carpet and furniture. Increased insulation prevents heat and cold from seeping in or out thus creating a more comfortable room temperature.

When shopping for a replacement window series, research the Window Energy Rating (WER) for optimal energy conservation and reduced utility bills.

Condensation resistance is also available and lowers the amount of trapped moisture in extreme temperatures. Condensation-build up promotes mold, damage to wood and chipping/peeling paint. It also takes away from the look of the window.

Window Security Issues

Windows that will not open or close easily due to stubborn hardware pose security risks. Grime and debris build-up may be wiped with a damp cloth. Hardware may be re-lubricated and broken locks can be fixed.  If efforts to clean the hardware are unsuccessful, the hardware may be warped and need to be replaced. Home window repair may be the answer if suitable parts are available from a local hardware store or online. If replacement parts for malfunctioning hardware are not available, window replacement may be crucial to confirming proper window functioning in the case of an emergency.

Windows are unique in that they are viewed from both the inside and the outside of the home. Tinted options will provide heightened privacy. Vinyl window replacement has come a long way in terms of versatility. Styles and colors are bountiful and allow individuals to customize both the interior and the exterior elements of their home.

While home window repair is less intrusive and lighter on the pocketbook, it might not always be the most cost efficient in the long run. Determining the root cause of, “Why,” will provide peace of mind in the event of window replacement.

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