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When to Replace Windows

Window Replacement Season

According to Modernize, there is a season for everything. Window replacement season falls in the spring months between March and June. While it’s not too cold, it’s not too hot either. Of course, warmer more comfortable weather makes it easier to do repairs and installations that could be letting drafts in and out, but there are other less apparent reasons.

“The movement of substrate” is a concept that contractors like to use when materials such as vinyl or aluminum expand in warm weather and contract in the cold. If caulk is applied to windows during cold weather, it will be more prone to cracking and splitting when the materials contract due to temperature decrease. The caulk itself is also more flexible and easier to apply in warm weather, as it adheres more smoothly and evenly than it would in cold weather.

Checklist for Replacing Your Windows

An article from Forbes Lifestyle shares some good questions to consider when determining if the time for new windows has come:
Do your windows fog up?
Are they drafty?
Do they stick open or closed?
Do they fall down when open?
If so, your windows are telling you it is time for a replacement! Broken, chipped, or cracked windows are also more obvious signs that it is time to replace your windows. If you have just survived a severe storm (coincidentally in the month or March or April?) there could be some damage to your windows.

Reasons for Window Replacement

Knowing your goals can also help determine if the timing is right. Are you renovating or remodeling? Trying to lower the electric bill? Add some security? It is astonishing what new windows can do for a home. On the cosmetic end, new windows instantly make your home more appealing and add property value. Performance wise, new windows will decrease the energy bill and increase security in your home. Even the smallest drafts can greatly increase energy costs, so if you want to lower your energy bill, new windows may be the first step!

No matter what the reason may be, Door Systems of Lee’s Summit will factor in the current condition of your existing windows with the goals that you are trying to reach to determine the best option for you.


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