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Top Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

How to Avoid Garage Door Repair in Lee’s Summit, MO

Experiencing problems with your garage door? No need to worry – not every malfunction is a sign you need garage door repairs. Sometimes a malfunction can be a simple fix.

Today we’re going to discuss some of the more common malfunctions and what type of garage repair may be in order.

Check the Power Source

It may seem obvious, but the power source should be one of the first things to check if your garage door is not working. The garage door opener could have been inadvertently unplugged or the outlet may not be working properly. After confirming the opener is plugged in, you could use an outlet tester to verify that the outlet is properly transmitting electricity. If you do not have a tester you can plug in a different appliance that you know is working properly as a test. You should also check any fuses, circuit breakers, or if it is plugged into a GFCI outlet that may need to be reset.

All garage door openers also have a disconnect switch, knob, or cord which disengages the motor and allows you to manually move the door up and down. Check to make sure that the motor hasn’t been accidentally been bypassed!

Is the Photo Eye Blocked?

If your home has had a garage door installation within the last 15 to 20 years your garage door opener should have an eye located 4-6 inches off the ground. This is a standard safety feature on modern garage doors that detects if something is in the path of the door and prevents the garage door from closing. The eye shoots a laser across the length of the door and if the laser beam is interrupted the downward motion of the door is stopped.

Dirt and dust can accumulate on the eye and disrupt the laser beam. A careful cleaning can often take care of this garage door malfunction. Be careful when cleaning the eye to not move it, as this could cause the eyes no longer match up. If the eye does not seem to be dirty check the cords leading to the eye. It is possible that they could become frayed, damaged, or cut. If this is the case, it would be advisable to contact a professional garage door repair company (Door Systems can handle it!). The photo eye is an important safety feature on your garage door and you want to ensure that it is repaired properly.

Broken Springs

A broken garage door spring is the number one garage door repair. When a spring breaks it can emit a very loud noise that might sound like a firecracker or gunshot. If you hear a noise like this and then realize your garage door opener is not working it is a good bet that you have a broken spring. A lot of times you can visually see the broken spring. If you have a broken spring it is very important to call a garage door repair professional, and do not try to open the garage door. A garage door spring can be very dangerous as they are under immense pressure; it is best to leave garage door spring replacement to experienced professionals with the proper tools needed for the job.

Loose or Broken Chain?

It is not uncommon for the cable or chain on the opener system to either break, or become misaligned. If your garage door spring is broken, it can be common for the chain, or cables, to become loose or break as a result of the broken spring. A broken chain/cable can cause damage to the wall, a vehicle, or even a person. This is another garage door repair that is best left to the professionals.

Sensitivity Needs Adjustment

Many people are not aware there is an adjustment on your garage door opener for the amount of force that the door closes with. The door will not open if the sensitivity is either too high or too low. You can refer to the manufacturers instructions to reset the sensitivity, but this is also a common garage repair for a garage door professional to handle.

Remote Control Issues

If your garage door does not open when using your remote but it does with the wall switch you may need to do some troubleshooting to figure out where the problem is with the remote. You can start with new batteries in the remote, then reprogramming the remote, and finally you may need to replace the remote.

Limit Setting Adjustment

If the door is closing all the way properly, but then starts immediately back up then it sounds like a problem with the limit setting adjustment. This setting tells the garage door how far it has to move in order to close properly. If it is hitting the garage floor before the opener expects to, then it is behaving as it would if it encountered an obstacle on the way down, which would be to reverse directions. This garage door repair can take some trial and error; many people that are not experienced with garage door repairs opt to call in a professional for this type of garage repair.

Is the Door Off Track?

If the door is opening, but not moving or sliding correctly there is a good chance the door has come off the track. You can check the track for bends, gaps, or obstacles that could be causing the problem. A garage door repair professional can quickly have the track repaired and the door moving smoothly again.

As your local garage door repair company in the Lee’s Summit area our professional and experienced technicians who can handle your garage do

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