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ProVia - Get to Know Door Systems, Inc.'s Suppliers

For custom entry doors, storm doors and patio doors, the team at Door Systems, Inc. has a great partnership with ProVia as a supplier. With more than 35 years in the industry of manufacturing doors, windows, siding and stone, ProVia has supplied homes with the best quality made products. ProVia manufactures their products in the peaceful community of Sugarcreek, Ohio. ProVia has the homeowner in mind when they manufacture energy efficient door and window products.

Why We Partner with ProVia

The reason we partner with ProVia is because of their exceptional craftsmanship, their attention to details and meeting homeowners’ unique needs. Not every homeowner wants the exact same entry door, patio door or storm door. We partner with ProVia because every homeowner wants their own unique style for their home, and their company makes it easy to provide our clients with the best match for their home. Not only does ProVia manufacture doors for homes, but can also manufacture energy-efficient windows, residential siding options and stonework for interior and exteriors of homes.


ProVia Door Products

ProVia creates numerous options for homeowners who want to install a new entry door, storm door, patio door or new hardware on doors. Homeowners can get a better idea of ProVia’s products with the ProVia Visualizer, in which homeowners can upload an image of their home and match their products on their own home.

  • Fiberglass & Steel Entry Doors – The entry doors that ProVia manufactures have sophisticated designs that will make your house look great. ProVia manufactures numerous styles of fiberglass entry doors and steel entry doors that are energy efficient and look great.
  • Reliable & Decorative Storm & Screen Doors – Homeowners looking for custom storm and screen doors are in good hands with ProVia products, as they have 54 models of aluminum storm doors. Having a ProVia storm door will protect your main entry door from rain, ice or snow and helps out with improving the energy efficiency in your home.
  • Vinyl Sliding & Hinged Patio Doors – ProVia has perfected the technology they put into their patio doors. ProVia’s patio doors can easily lock securely, improve energy efficiency in the home and have less risk for needing repairs in the future. The company manufactures both sliding and hinged glass patio doors.
  • Hardware on doors – Whenever a homeowner has a problem with the handles on any door, Door Systems partners with ProVia to find the right handle for their door. Our door installation team can also match the best handle option with the door of your choosing.

ProVia Windows, Siding & Stone Options

Along with creating beautifully designed energy efficient doors, ProVia manufactures windows, residential siding and stonework.

  • Energy-Efficient Windows – ProVia offers a variety of window products for homeowners in styles of wood, aluminum and vinyl. These window styles are built to last and will remain sealed properly to provide comfort to homeowners while reducing energy losses. ProVia has seven varying window shapes.
  • Residential Siding – Another great energy efficient product manufactured by ProVia is their residential siding materials. Vinyl siding has been the most popular option for American homes for years because of its low cost, durability and great look. That’s why ProVia offers insulated vinyl siding options that improve energy efficiency and look great on a home.
  • Manufactured Stonework – ProVia also specializes in manufactured stone for rock exteriors, entry staircases, exterior walls, interior spaces and more.

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