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The Must-Have Garage Door Services Your Technician Should Provide

The Must-Have Garage Door Services Your Technician Should Provide

When the time has come to when you are in need of service for your garage door or it is time to replace your garage door you will find yourself in the position of needing to choose and installer/servicer for your garage door. When faced with this choice you may choose to turn to the yellow pages or a google search for service providers in your area. Either of these can leave you with an overwhelming amount of providers for garage door services. Let’s look at some of the things that can help you narrow down this search.

IDEA Accredited and IDA Member

The company you choose to perform your garage door services should ideally be associated with IDEA (Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation) and a member of IDA (International Door Association). IDEA is an independent and non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the garage door industry. Accreditation helps to increase the professionalism of the door systems industry by awarding accreditation to dealers that have reached a certain level of education and have shown a commitment to quality, integrity, and experience. IDEA also requires dealers to have a history of outstanding customer service. To qualify for IDEA, management at the garage door company must complete a comprehensive study course and then pass six written exams. After the exams have been passed the dealer must provide documentation of

  • Continuous Operations
  • Proof of General Liability
  • Proper Federal Tax Identification Status or Local Business Licensing
  • Letters of Recommendation from Customers and Business Associates
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Once IDEA has been earned, the dealer must continue to maintain specified levels of continuing education requirements.

By choosing a dealer that has this accreditation you can rest assured that the dealer will have many of the qualities that are important when choosing a provider for you garage door services, such as outstanding customer service, experience, and education in the industry.

Emergency Garage Door Services

You never know when your garage door will fail, so choosing a provider that offers 24-hour emergency garage door services could be imperative.

Local Garage Door Dealer vs. National Garage Door Dealer

Choosing a local provider for your garage door services can be beneficial for many reasons. When you choose a local provider you will usually find that their technicians are able to provide quicker services because they are physically located closer to you and able to provide services in a more timely manner. This can also lead to the repair cost being less expensive because you are not paying for driving time or a mileage surcharge.

As far as actual garage door services and repairs that dealers perform, you will likely find that most have a similar set of services. By using the items discussed above you can hopefully find a provider that will provide you with the outstanding customer service, in a timely manner, that you want and deserve. You may find that doing some research ahead of time is beneficial. It is easier to make a clear-headed decision when you are not in a time crunch or dealing with the stress of a non-functioning garage door. Garage door repairs will be much less stressful if you already know which dealer you will call in the event you need garage door services provided.

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