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How to Make your Home More Secure

Secure your Lee’s Summit home from intruders with Door Systems

From a change in lighting and locks, to the latest and greatest security systems and cameras, protecting your family has become easier, but more important than ever. At this day in age, the possibilities of a Purge or Zombie Apocalypse seem to swim through our minds much too frequently.  In addition to all of the new apps and solar charged doorbell cameras, the one thing physically protecting our home the same way it has been for hundreds of years – the door.

The front or back door is what’s really standing between your family and an intruder. There are many steps that you can take to make your home more secure. These steps (some very obvious) should become a religious practice, done every night and day by the members of your family or your staff.

  • Lock the door, and don’t forget to lock side or back doors.
  • Deadbolts – if any – make sure they are locked too.
  • Turn on and ensure that outdoor lights are working.
  • Shut all ground-level windows.
  • Close the curtains and blinds.
  • When not home, leave a porch light and/or one light in the house on.

If this long list of daily security measures and outdoor cameras aren’t giving you the comfort that you desire, have you thought about new doors?

Go knock on your front door.
A solid-core front door is much more difficult to kick in or break open than a hollow door. If you hear the echo when you knock, you probably need a stronger door.

Door Systems in Lee’s Summit has a variety of security screen doors and high security screen locks that are a perfect solution to finding peace of mind and added security. Aside from the variety in our showroom to choose from, we can create doors with customization options ranging from size, type of door, the use of the door, etc.  Have pets? We have custom options for pet door installations as well!

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