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Lee's Summit Chamber Challenge 2017 Recap

The annual Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge, also known as, field day for adults, was held on Thursday, April 20th at Paradise Park. What started out as a gloomy, chilly, day, turned out to be a perfect, sunny afternoon. Our marketing team, Digital Marketing Inc. went out and represented us to the fullest. Being Door Systems for a day actually takes a strong group of people, physically and mentally.

We all made our way to the first game, a Survivor type of game involving potato sacks, puzzles, and an egg on a spoon. Who knew putting together a 24-piece puzzle would be so hard under pressure? Oh well, the day is just beginning, plenty of time to get warmed up and get our heads in the game.


Our next challenge was a relay race around the go-kart tracks. Unfortunately for us, the go-karts delivered especially for the challenge came straight from Fred Flintstone’s garage. We peddled our little hearts out, 5 laps around the track, and came in strong at second place.

A pretty competitive game of laser tag directly followed the race, giving us no time to cool down. The dark corners inside the laser tag arena filled us with adrenaline. We were ready to win. While we came extremely close, we didn’t get the outcome we had hoped for.

The second half of our day was filled with more optimistic results, as we finished with a couple W’s in dodgeball (the true test) and corn hole. We knew that we weren’t going home without a win, so after a couple beers from the keg and a good pep talk, we were more determined than ever. Insults such as, “close the door on ‘em!” and “shut ‘em out!” filled the air as the dodgeball game began. It was our amazing strength, agility, and sportsmanship that led us to that win.

We ended the day on top with multiple wins in corn hole and finished in just enough time to eat leftover cookies and chips from lunch and mingle about with the other companies.

With less than a year until the challenges commence again, we have a very strategic plan ready to win every single challenge in 2018.

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