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What Does IDEA Mean for an International Door Association Garage Door Company?

There are many things to look for when choosing a garage door for installation in your home. One of them is the actual door you will choose, deciding the brand and features that will be functional and provide curb appeal to your home. The other is deciding the garage door company that will perform the installation and service for your garage door. One of the high marks of a garage door company that will earn your confidence easily with their skill and expertise is an Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA) associated with the International Door Association. A garage door company who has earned IDEA has an achievement that fewer than 1% of garage door and operator dealers in the US and Canada have achieved.

What is IDEA?

The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation is an independent and non-profit organization to improve the garage door industry. The accreditation is awarded to garage door dealers that reach a certain education and accreditation level, increasing the professionalism of the door systems industry. Businesses who are awarded the IDEA status have demonstrated a commitment to quality, integrity, and experience.

IDEA helps enhance the buyer’s confidence in the qualifications that a garage door company to complete a garage door installation and provide ongoing high quality service. IDEA is also awarded based on the character of the garage door company if they have a history of outstanding customer service and best business practices.

How does a garage door company earn IDEA?

To qualify for an IDEA, management at the garage door company have to complete a comprehensive study course before being required to pass six written exams. After passing all six exams, the dealer has to provide documentation of:

  • Continuous Operations
  • Proof of General Liability
  • Proper Federal Tax Identification Status or Local Business Licensing
  • Provide Letters of Recommendation from Customers and Business Associates
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Once the IDEA has been earned by the garage door company, the management who has earned the accreditation has to maintain IDEA by meeting continuing education requirements. This allows the garage door company to maintain a high level of general and technical knowledge relating to garage door installation and service.

How does IDEA help you with your garage door installation?

Whenever you choose a garage door company with IDEA staff, you receive many benefits, including:

  • Experience about the products
  • Demonstrated knowledge under the scrutiny of an independent organization
  • Demonstrated professional knowledge with successful passing of written exams on –
  • Accounting and General Business Principles
  • Legal and Insurance
  • OSHA Regulations and Safety Compliance
  • Residential Technical Basic
  • Commercial Technical Basics
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Demonstrated commitment to overall industry quality and excellent through time investment and money to earn IDEA
  • Continuous pursuit of new information and education in the constantly changing door industry and the products to meet the needs of customers

Door Systems, Inc. is proud to have earned IDEA in 1999 after garage door technician, Dustin Wilson, became a certified Commercial Sectional Door Technician. Dustin’s knowledge and expertise is apparent to customers, just check out our door service testimonials! As one of the 1% of garage door companies to achieve this certification, we are proud to uphold the values and commitment to quality, integrity, and experience.

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