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Garage Door Safety Month: Top 5 Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety Tips from Door Systems Inc

In an effort to promote garage door safety the International Door Association and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association assigned June as National Garage Door Safety Month. Your garage door can weigh anywhere from 100-600 lbs, so it is always a good idea to think about safety on this largest movable item in your home. Here are some important safety items to remember when it comes to keeping you and your family safe around your garage door.

Not For Play

The garage door and garage door openers are not toys, they should not be played with. If misued they can cause serious injury, or even death. Children should not be allowed to play around the garage door or the opening system.

Stay Clear Of The Door In Motion

When the garage door is moving up or down do not stand or walk under it. You should never try to race to exit the garage door as it as closing.

Keep Your Eyes On The Door

When you are opening or closing your garage door you should keep the door in view the entire time it is in motion. This will allow you to ensure nobody, especially children or small animals attempt to enter the garage as the door is moving, which could lead to them being caught under the door as it closes.

Know Your System

Consult the owner’s manual for your garage door opener to make sure you know how to use the emergency release feature.

Does It Pass The Test

Each month you should visually inspect the door, spring, springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys to check for misalignment or signs of wear. If you notice any problems you should not attempt repairs yourself, but call a professional. You should also test the auto-reverse feature. Place a roll of paper towels in the path of the door. When the door makes contact with the paper towels it should immediately reverse directions. If your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993, which is when the auto-reverse feature became a standard feature, you should consider replacement.

Call In The Professionals

There are a number of times you should have your garage door serviced by a professional. Yearly maintenance checks can ensure your door is in good working order. If the springs or cables are in need of repair it is essential to seek a professional service technician, these items can be under immense pressure that could cause serious injury or death. If the garage door does get backed into, even if everything appears ok and in working order it is a good idea to have it checked by a professional. The door could have a small misalignment, which could cause premature wear or a dangerous situation.

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