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Our Favorite Garage Door Designs from Client Homes

Garage doors have come a long way in design! At the invention of the garage door, every door was fairly uniform. Today we have a wide variety of styles to choose from based on your overall home design, budget, type of door, and more. Here are some of our favorite garage door designs from local clients in Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas in the Kansas City Metro.

Carriage Garage Door Designs

garage door designs carriage style

By far our most popular style are carriage garage doors. They are so popular that we wrote a whole blog post about the recent (with no end in sight) love affair with the design. The details that come with carriage garage door are subtle yet unique, invoking a nostalgia with home design. You can learn more about what makes the carriage style so popular in our carriage garage doors blog.

Natural Wood Garage Doors

garage door designs natural wood style

The natural wood garage doors are a beautiful and very unique option for metro homes. We see a lot of requests for the natural wood garage door designs on houses in lake communities as well as rural ranch style homes. The grain is beautiful and makes for an eye-catching curb appeal.

Vertical Garage Door Windows

garage door designs vertical windows

For the modern or contemporary home design, choosing a garage door with vertical windows is a slight upgrade that really catches the eye. For homes with that extremely modern feel, the vertical windows on garage door designs really increases your unique curb appeal.

Traditional Garage Doors With Windows VS Without Windows

garage door designs traditional style

Of course there is the more traditional garage door style where people simply pick how many panes you want your garage door to have. Generally people choose between four and six panes depending on the size and overall design.

After choosing panes, consumers have the option of adding windows at the top of the door or keeping the garage door strictly panes. The benefit of having a window on your garage door is light. The windows add additional light into your garage space. However unless you are set on windows for a design purpose, Door Systems generally advises against adding windows to your garage door design. Windows allow people to see into your garage and are not smart from a security standpoint. You can choose to get screened windows that let light in but do not allow people to see inside the garage.

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