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Choosing the Right Window Frame for Home Window Replacement

Deciding on the type of window you want to upgrade to when performing a home window replacement is important, but many people overlook the importance of a window frame. Each frame material has a different benefit for energy efficiency and design aesthetics as well as some drawbacks. To help you decide which window frame is best for you, check out our guide for home window replacement.

Do You Need Window Home Replacement?

Before you can decide which window frame is best, first you need to decide if you even need window home replacement (unless you are upgrading your window frames for aesthetic design reasons!). Often making sure that the window is insulated and that storm windows are being used will go a long way in helping with energy efficiency. But if you have a single pane window or similar inefficient, outdated window style, it is probably a good idea to upgrade to something more modern and energy efficient.

home window replacement window frame guide


Vinyl is a practical choice for your budget and is energy efficient with insulated glass and elite construction. While there are many color options available, many people avoid vinyl window frames because of the aesthetic.


If you get wood window frames with carefully chosen types of wood and professional construction, these frames will last for decades and provide great value. However, wood needs more upkeep and is prone to rot in humidity.


Aluminum frame windows are very strong, durable, and practical if you want the highest level of protection from the outdoor elements. However, they are not very energy efficient when it comes to heat transfer and loss.


Wood-clad window frames have many benefits of the other frame materials including low maintenance, energy efficiency, and good temperature transfer. However, wood-clad is prone to rot due to the risk of water pooling in the construction. Professional installation is key to avoid water damage to wood-clad frames.


Composite window frames are the most eco-friendly option since they are made from recycled plastic resins and scrap wood shavings. On the aesthetic side, composite windows mimic the look of wood frames without the maintenance required for wood.


Fiberglass window frames are extremely energy efficient because of their composite-like materials. Fiberglass is made of glass fibers and polyester resins which makes them carry low thermal conductivity. They are strong and durable without the risk of warping like vinyl or wood with the ability to be repainted after years of weather. All of these benefits make them the most expensive window frame on the market.

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