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Choosing the Details of Your Custom Front Doors

Curb appeal is important and custom front doors can do a lot to increase your home’s exterior design and value. Choosing a custom front door and all the details that go with it can subtly create a wow factor for your home design. Here are some of the important details to decide on for your custom front doors.

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Front Door Materials

First and foremost, you need to decide on the material you want to use for your front doors. The four main options you have include wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum.

  • Wood doors are the most popular option and for good reason. You have a lot of customization options from wood grain to color to stain to carved accents. Wood can be cut to the size of your door and finished to your specifications, making the material great for custom projects. However wood can be expensive, especially high quality solid wood, and they will need regular painting or staining to keep up appearances.
  • Fiberglass doors can look like wood with graining and stain matching but are much tougher. With Missouri humidity, these doors will not expand and stretch like wood doors will. You can also get fiberglass doors in a smooth finish and can paint them any color you like. The fiberglass material is also more affordable and can survive more wear and tear than steel doors.
  • Steel doors are incredibly secure and durable. While they have more wear and tear than fiberglass doors, their dings are easier to repair. Believe it or not, steel doors are also the cheapest door material making your custom project more affordable. You can paint steel any color with a baked on polyester finish, but it does require periodic touch ups. For more durability against the elements, go for a vinyl coating. High end versions of steel doors offer stainable wood fiber coatings and laminated wood veneer to achieve the look of a wood door.
  • Aluminum doors are completely custom build to your specifications and have many of the same design options as steel doors. They are incredibly durable and do not require repainting or touch ups. 20 year warranties are common with aluminum doors because their durability means they will never rust and experience little to no wear and tear. However aluminum doors are not the most affordable option for your custom door project, but are still more affordable than solid wood doors.

Features of Custom Front Doors

There are extra features that you want to add to your custom front doors since you are already adjusting your design to exact specifications.

  • An adjustable threshold will keep your door weathertight, make your door more energy efficient and lowering your electric and gas bills.
  • Glass inserts can increase the beauty of custom front doors and are a very popular choice. There are many different design options for these glass inserts. Remember that you will lose some insulation when adding glass inserts and they can be a security risk.
  • Even if you are getting a wood door, you want your rails and stiles in a different material that can be made to look like the wood or color you are getting for your front door. Wood rails and stiles will warp over time.

Trim, Transom, and Sidelights

Remember the other details of custom front doors that will add an elegance and richness to your overall design. The trim is what goes around your door, also known as the door frame. It can be a good idea to paint this a bright or contrasting color to your front door to add dimension to your exterior. The transom and sidelights are the window inserts you can add to either side and above your door. These lights add value to your home and are considered a status feature, but they can reduce privacy and security.

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