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CHI Garage Doors - Get to Know Door Systems, Inc.'s Suppliers

Only the best quality will do when installing new garage doors for your home or business. When you choose the better quality garage doors and garage door openers, your investment pays off. Your doors will last longer, insulate better, and have better curb appeal. One of our favorite garage door suppliers is CHI Garage Doors.

chi garage doors

Why Choose CHI Garage Doors

The foundation of CHI garage doors is exceptional quality. Working with architects to design the variety of garage door styles available in their catalog, they combined craftsmanship and value while maintaining affordable prices for homeowners and business owners alike. CHI Overhead Doors began in 1981, making them one of the long-standing garage door manufacturers on the market. They have analyzed design trends and kept up with the latest technology to implement into their construction process.

There are standard CHI garage doors that anyone can order from the catalogs at Door Systems when designing their exterior home update or new construction project. These are all designed with the highest quality in mind. But CHI Overhead Doors takes this to the next level by also offering architecture services for those who want a completely original and custom look.

CHI Doors Residential Options

CHI has a variety of beautiful residential garage door options that fit with any home design. Whether you need a simple upgrade or if you want to transform your curb appeal, CHI has a garage door that will fit.

  • Accents. The Accents series uses wood grain to create a warm look for your garage doors reinforced with steel for durability. The Accents series comes in different styles including raised panel, carriage, planks, and flush overlay.
  • Carriage House Overlay. This is a very popular style right now with a classic design reminiscent of carriage houses that were on plantation properties. CHI offers carriage house garage doors in fiberglass, steel, and wood.
  • Carriage House Stamped Garage Doors. The carriage house stamped garage doors have the same look as the overlay, but are built entirely as a carriage door with steel and wood grain finish. You can learn more about carriage garage door styles on our blog.
  • Flush Panel. The flushed panel garage door style is very contemporary, providing straight lines for a simple upgrade. Flush panel doors come in steel.
  • Raised Panel. Raised panels are a very traditional garage door style. The door has raised panels with a recessed edge with the interior of each panel jutting forward slightly. This adds depth and definition to your garage door. Raised panel doors come in steel and fiberglass.
  • Recessed Panel. Recessed panel garage doors were very popular in the past with traditional wood frame and panel construction. Modern recessed panel doors mimic the look with aluminum or steel options.

To get a live preview of what a CHI garage door will look like on your home, you can visit their website to play with the Build Your Door editor. You can also perform a direct garage door comparison on their site, but we believe it is best to speak with a garage door professional who can understand your needs and recommend the most affordable and effective option.

CHI Doors Commercial Options

Along with offering beautiful residential garage door options, CHI Garage Doors also offer durable and highly crafted commercial doors for business reliability.

  • Insulated Sandwich Doors.  Sandwich doors are one of the most popular commercial door options with the best in thermal efficiency and value thanks to the CHI garage door insulation technology.
  • Ribbed Steel Pan & Pan Insulated. CHI’s steel pan door options offer incredibly performance and reliability no matter how much you demand out of your door’s performance.
  • Aluminum Full-View. For an aesthetic appeal, aluminum full-view garage doors offer the same reliability, durability, and performance as other CHI commercial garage doors. These doors are used for a variety of applications, such as fire stations, auto repair and collision shops, and contemporary retail establishments.

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