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Chamberlain Garage Door Opener - Get to Know Door Systems, Inc.'s Suppliers

When it comes to residential garage door openers that operate easily without fault, a Chamberlain garage door opener is the go-to for Door Systems. From the standard universal clicker products and wall-mounted garage door control, to the advanced smartphone technology control products; Chamberlain has made a name for itself as a leader in garage door openers, garage accessories and home security equipment.

chamberlain garage door opener

Why Choose Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Having a Chamberlain garage door opener in your home will be one of the most modern and technologically advanced pieces of equipment you will own today. Chamberlain has a current focus: “A modern garage for modern life,” and it is true. This company has designed garage door openers and garage accessories that make your home smarter and safer.

With a Chamberlain garage door opener, your home works safer and smarter for you. Homeowners with a Chamberlain garage door opener can open and close their garage door with their smartphone via their MyQ app. The MyQ garage door opener is so advanced it can let you know when the garage door has been opened and closed, can control the lighting inside and outside of your home and can even work with your Nest programmable thermostat to be set to the temperature of your desire when you arrive and depart from your residence. Chamberlain garage door openers are also quiet, even though they are made of steel that open the garage door. For affordable garage door openers that have been manufactured with the best attention to details and advanced technology, Chamberlain garage door openers is the choice many homeowners should make.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Options

Chamberlain has quite a few options for their garage door openers.

  • Belt Drive Openers – Perhaps the quietest garage door openers in the industry are the Belt Drive Openers from Chamberlain garage door openers. Chamberlain currently has eight belt drive garage door openers that are smartphone connected and each of them can have added accessories. Such accessories include a remote control keychain, wireless keypad, laser parking assisting equipment, the MyQ garage equipment, battery backup and more! For each product they offer, Chamberlain also has product videos for installation and support so that you as the homeowner know how to effectively operate this modern technology.
  • Chain Drive Openers – Chamberlain’s Chain Drive garage door openers are built for strength and lasting durability. Unlike the belt drive products, Chamberlain has created a few chain drive models to not be smartphone connected or have accessories packaged together with the product. However, Chamberlain garage door opener can also have accessories added to it. Such accessories include a battery backup if the power goes out, the MyQ Internet Gateway allowing the garage door to be opened and closed via the home Wi-Fi router and a chain drive rail extension kit for taller garage doors, among other accessories.
  • Garage Door Clicker Products – Chamberlain also manufactures two kinds of garage door clickers, a Universal Clicker and wall-mounted wireless keypads. What is great about the Universal Clicker is how it can be compatible with other garage door openers other than just a Chamberlain garage door opener. Another feature of the universal clicker is its mini remote control that has a key ring, allowing it to be attached for the homeowners always “on the move.” Chamberlain has created various wall-mounted keypads to open garage doors and detect motion in the garage to turn on the lights when you cannot see.
  • MyQ Garage – MyQ Garage is the future of garage door openers and home security, and the future is now here. Not only can you control your Chamberlain garage door opener from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi and smartphone, but homeowners can also control lighting inside and outside of the home as well as controlling their Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam, and even connect to their Xfinity security system to lock their home. To operate the MyQ garage door equipment, simply download the MyQ app from either the Apple Store or Google Play.  After downloading the app, MyQ will send either push notifications or emails when the garage door has been opened or closed, allows you to control the thermostat and set rules for the garage door so it can learn how your want your home to operate.

Additional Chamberlain Products

Along with offering reliable garage door opener options, Chamberlain also offers additional products for cleaning up spills and stains in your vehicle’s interior, assisting with parking inside your garage and intercom systems for communicating throughout your home, among other accessories.

  • Deep Cleaner – Rather than having to drive to a nearby car wash to vacuum and remove stains on the interior of your vehicle, homeowners can conveniently have the deep cleaner in their garage. The deep cleaner is easily portable and is effective in its cleaning and spot-removing power.
  • Laser Parking Accessory – For homeowners struggling to find adequate space for their vehicle(s), the laser parking assist accessory from Chamberlain is the perfect product. This product helps homeowners with parking perfectly in their own garage. Another benefit is that homeowners do not even need a Chamberlain garage door opener to use this product as it can be compatible with any type of garage door opener.
  • Wireless Intercom Accessories – To help improve the communications inside and outside of your home, Chamberlain also manufactures intercom systems. These intercom systems allow for better communications between family members throughout your home and to those who come to your front door. Chamberlain also has motion alert systems that notify homeowners if there is anything that comes up to the home or property.

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