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Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

A common home remodeling upgrade that people love to perform is window replacement. This could be because of broken windows, design choices, or to improve the energy efficiency of their home. When deciding on energy efficient windows, there are many benefits depending on the type of replacement window you select.

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Energy Savings

Of course we have to start with the most obvious – the cost savings when you upgrade to energy efficient windows. The cost reduction comes from the HVAC system in your home. Your heating and cooling will not have to work as hard to compensate for air leakage during the hottest and coldest months of the year. According to, single-pane windows present a 20% annual savings, or $236, in the Kansas City area. Double-pane windows present an 8% cost savings annually, or $87.

Better Comfort

We have all experience that chilly draft when sitting next to windows in a home, or the house feeling hot no matter how low the thermostat temperature is set. This is from a combination of leaky windows and too much heat from the sun being let in through the panes. Energy efficient windows not only eliminate that draft throughout your home, but the panes are insulated to repel the heat of the sun from shining through a close window.

Better Light and Less Damage

Old windows will start fogging between the panes or have so much grime built up on them that they are hard to look through or receive light from. Energy efficient windows will help let light shine through while preventing the heat gain from the sunlight. This is done without having to tint the windows to prevent heat or allow more heat with crystal clear panes.

Another benefit of energy efficient windows is less damage and fading to the furniture and flooring in your home. When heat and direct sunlight is let in through old windows, it causes fading and premature aging to the elements of your home. Energy efficient windows will allow light without sacrificing your furniture.

Reduced Condensation

Condensation and frost appears on older windows when humidity increases or temperatures drop. Not only does this cause low visibility, but it also will change the temperature of the room. New energy efficient windows use a different type of glass that repels condensation from building thanks to warmer interior glass surfaces.

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

Love the benefits of energy efficient windows? Here are some of the best types of windows for energy efficiency.

  • Picture windows will not open which helps with efficiency, but choosing a picture window with a high performance energy efficient rating will ensure the glass helps insulate against dramatic temperatures and repel condensation.
  • Double hung windows come in energy efficient options, but can present some roadblocks to true efficiency due to air intrusion between the sliders. Single pane windows are a better energy efficient option instead with a similar look and feel.
  • Casement windows already naturally seal tighter than traditional windows thanks to the hinge and sealing technology. But with an energy efficiency rating, they perform even better.

Remember – it is better to buy windows from a manufacturer whose energy efficient windows have the EnergyStar rating.

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