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The 8 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Has the thought of replacing your windows left you with the question: Do I just want new windows or do I really need replacement windows?  To help you answer that question, review the 8 telltale signs you need new windows below.   These telltale signs will answer that question.

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1. High Energy Bills Might Mean New Windows Are Needed

High energy bills will be a primary reason to replace your windows.  Is your furnace or air conditioner running longer than you think they should?  Check to see if your windows are causing higher energy bills.  If they are, it’s time for window replacement. Check for the following:

  • Can you feel drafts from your window seals?
  • Are your windows warm to the touch in the summertime and cold in the wintertime?
  • Are your windows over 20 years old?
  • Can you hear outside noise?

Replacement windows that are energy efficient (such as Energy Star windows) can pay for themselves by cutting your energy bill costs.

2. Do Your Windows Operate How They Should?

When you finally get the chance to open up your windows to air out the house, will your windows open and close well?  If your windows are out of balance, not installed correctly or if they are just in poor condition, you will have an unwelcome struggle.  You may even have to wrestle with closing them back up; this could lead to a security breach when your windows cannot be closed and locked securely.  This frustration can have you screaming for window replacement!

3. Is a Draft Coming Through Your Windows?

Check to see if you have a draft coming through your windows.  A breeze coming through faulty windows will cause an unwelcome climate change in your home.   Drafty widows could indicate faulty seals or poor installation.  When you feel outside air coming inside you will be losing energy.  New window replacement may be in your near future.

4. Decaying Window Frames

Decaying windows will be beyond repair.  Often decaying windows will sag, be soft and have water and rot damage.  If your windows are decaying –window replacement is necessary.

5. Leaking Windows

Yes, windows that leak should be replaced.  Leaking is a symptom of a larger problem.  Window repair may control the symptom but not the true cause.  Even a small leak can cause mold and decay problems that lead to larger issues.   Windows that leak need to be replaced.

6. Do You Hear Outside Noise?

Those of you who live near a noisy road or have lots of neighborhood noise around you will consider blocking out the outside noise.  Poor seals or poorly made windows and windows that have not been properly installed will let in more noise.   A double hung window with Energy Star windows and with either a double or triple pane glass could be the perfect solution.  The energy savings they provide will be an added advantage.

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7. Good or Bad Window Condensation

When you see condensation on the outside of your windows, you own windows that are doing their job.  Your windows are not allowing temperature transfer to the inside. Outside condensation is good condensation.   Inside condensation is not so good.  Inside condensation can be caused by other environmental factors like from a shower or pots on the stove but when that inside condensation is coming from your windows, take action.  When you see condensation in between window panes you undoubtedly need new windows.  Your window has lost its air tight seal. It is a telltale sign that your windows are not working properly.  Bad condensation will create a breeding ground for mold and cause window depreciation. Let our experts at Door Systems guide you to the perfect Energy Star replacement windows for your situation and save you headaches later on.  We will provide exceptional energy efficient windows with a lifetime limited warranty on materials and workmanship that includes glass breakage and seal failure.   These warranties can be transferred to another owner as well, making window replacement a sound investment.

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8. How Your Windows Components Work as a System

The components of your windows work as a system to bring beauty and function to your home.  The window frames, materials and types of glass used in conjunction with how they are installed provide energy savings along with security.   Various types of windows are used depending on your individual needs and how you need your windows to function.   A double hung window may be the perfect choice for your kitchen with its effortless operation and quick access for cleaning while the window screen stays in place.   Maybe a slider window will work nicely in your bedroom.  Slider windows are easy to operate, durable and have friction-resistant brass sash rollers.  A simple no-fuss style picture window may work perfect in your living room allowing you to frame that beautiful view outside.

Replacing your windows usually is more than just a beautiful upgrade for your home.  The investment and time is takes to replace your windows is well worth the time and money.  You investment can return to you in energy savings and provide tighter security for your family.  If you sell your home your window replacements will add to the value of your home.  You will enjoy beautiful windows and the benefits they provide for years to come.

If you have any additional questions about whether your home needs new windows or not feel free to comment below or contact Door Systems, Inc. and we will be happy to diagnose your window’s condition any time!

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