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2020 Have a Heart Donations Presented at Critical Time for Local Charities

Door Systems, of Lee’s Summit, was able to quickly disperse funds raised by February’s “Have a Heart” fundraising campaign to local charities. This year’s campaign has resulted in over $12,000 in donations dispersed to four charities at a very critical time when our community needs it most. The month-long “Have a Heart” promotion in February set aside 10% of every sale/service to a customer’s choice of four non-profit organizations. The choices provided Door Systems’ clientele a voice within the heartfelt financial support Door Systems is providing to the charitable groups. 

Coldwater builds friendships, fosters hope and provides food and clothing to those in need.

As a faith-based nonprofit, they serve the community through the Coldwater Food Pantry & Clothes Closet and their food assistance program, No Hungry Kids! From clothing of all sizes to healthy grocery assistance, their efforts touch all age groups through initiatives including the Senior Mobile Pantry, Preschool Backpacks and Middle & High School Pantry Support.

Their 10-year history in the Lee’s Summit area has been made possible by widespread donations, dedicated teams and countless volunteer hours. Door Systems is pleased to be able to assist with genuine contributions, that will help them keep their food pantry stocked, clothes closet organized and their doors open to everyone. As a result of our campaign, Door Systems was able to present a check for $3,475 to Coldwater.

Hillcrest Transitional Housing addresses homelessness by focusing on the total life situation of the individuals and families they serve. Providing transitional housing, life-skills education and instilling employment requirements, this organization successfully promotes self-sufficiency within a determined timeframe.

The face of homelessness lies within the children, unfortunate families and individuals in our community and city at large. With the average age of a homeless person in Missouri being a child of 7 years old, Door Systems is humbled to be able to donate to a community issue that strikes deep in the heart and the household. With our customer’s support, our donation to Hillcrest Transitional Housing was $4,233.

Lee’s Summit Social Services provides basic needs and emergency assistance to the elderly, disabled and low-income individuals and families. Their efforts include food service, rent and utility payments, school supplies, help with prescription needs, budget counseling, holiday gifts, a food pantry and more.

Monetary contributions along with a dedicated Thrift Store and numerous volunteers allow Lee’s Summit Social Services to improve the lives of those in Lee’s Summit, Greenwood, Lake Lotawana and Lone Jack. Door Systems proudly supports their mission, which sets realistic goals and puts local residents on a path of promise. Thanks to our customer’s support, we were able to provide $2,439 in additional funds to Lee’s Summit Social Services this month.

Lee’s Summit Public Safety enhances public safety and/or emergency services in Lee’s Summit. This foundation allocates charitable funds to training, capital, and equipment for the Police and Fire Departments. Planned giving and monetary funding allow for ongoing advancements in urgent response and improvement in the safety of our streets, neighborhoods, business centers, parks, and public areas.

Door Systems is honored to give directly to an organization that promotes the well-being and safety of our Lee’s Summit community. Continued confidence in our Police and Fire Departments, their ability to protect and their commitment to excellence is a cause Door Systems stands behind whole-heartedly. Our customer’s support resulted in $1,977 of additional funds to help the Lee’s Summit Public Safety department.

Celebrating their 50th year in business, Door Systems continues to incorporate their core values into their everyday work, their passion towards the Lee’s Summit community and their generous giving spirit. Per Jim Payne, owner and general manager, at Door Systems of Lee’s Summit, “We are very fortunate to have very supportive customers who really get behind the Have a Heart fundraising campaign. We feel blessed to be able to help our community at a time like this and hope we can inspire others to help their neighbors and local businesses in whatever way they can.”

Door Systems Inc. of Lee’s Summit is a locally owned door and window company. Entrenched in the local community, this family business participates in ongoing charitable events, projects, and promotions designed to better the place we live.

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