Whether you need new construction windows or want to update your current windows to energy efficient windows, Door Systems. Inc. can help. We have many different types of windows which can be used as commercial or residential windows depending on your needs.

Types of Windows

Types of windows: Looking for new home windows but are unsure of the type of window that would work best for your new house?  Maybe you’re looking for the best replacement window for a drafty window that is beyond repair but are not sure if an energy efficient, thermal pane window is really the best fit and would like some help navigating through all the information available.  We understand your dilemma as there are a ton of window options and many factors to take into consideration.   When choosing a window, you have to determine the window type preferred such as a double hung window or a casement window, energy efficiency preference of single, double or triple paned windows, the window style and the window frame material desired just to mention a few of the options.

Your local window experts at Door Systems are here to help you navigate these choices and guide you to find the best windows for your home while staying within your budget. Call us today at 816-287-5379 to discuss your window needs and see the many replacement window and new window choices Door Systems has to offer.  We even have a showroom in Lee’s Summit, MO to give you a live demo of the windows we carry and encourage you to stop in anytime during our business hours.

Below is a quick outline of some of the more popular types of windows we offer, how they differ and the benefits:

Double Hung Windows: A double hung window has two moveable panels, both the upper and lower panels, or sashes, move independent of each other. Not only does the bottom sash move up, the top sash moves down as well. They give you greater flexibility as both the upper and lower sashes move independent of each other. Double hung windows also provide greater ventilation as the warm air can move out of the top panel and cool air enters through the bottom panel. With two moveable panels, cleaning is much easier as both sashes can be cleaned from inside. If you have a two-story home this feature has an even greater benefit!

Single Hung Windows: On single hung windows, only the lower sash moves so they lack several of the benefits and convenience that come with a double hung window.  The benefit of this type of window comes in the costs.  Single hung window costs are typically between 10-20% cheaper than double hung windows making them affordable to homeowners considering selling their home or turning it into an investment property.

Basement Windows – Surprisingly there are many types of basement windows.  Hopper windows are the classic basement window but homeowners may opt for a casement window, slider window or even an awning window dependent on the type of basement you have in your home.

Casement Windows, also known as Crank Out Windows or Crank Windows – Casement windows are typically hinged on the left or right side and are opened and closed using a handle, lever or cranking mechanism.   Casement windows are ideal for tall, narrow window openings.

Egress Windows – An egress window is also known as an escape window.  They are large enough to act as an exit or entry to your home or business in the event of an emergency. Keep your family safe by using these types of windows in any sleeping room.

We also offer storm windows, insulated windows and sliding windows.  Call us today and our window specialist will discuss the different window types available and our recommendations for your specific need – 816-287-5379.

Window Styles

Considering the window style that will be perfect for your home is the fun part of window shopping!  At Door Systems we love to help our customers pick out windows that will improve the curb appeal of their homes and fit their life style.  Do you love to grow plants?  If so, a garden window would be a perfect addition to your home!  Following are some of the different styles of windows we offer and definitions of some styles that you may not be familiar with and may want to consider:

Arched Windows (also known as radius windows) – Arched windows have a top that is in an arch, or half-circle, and the bottom half of the window is typically a rectangular shape.  Many homeowners like to use arched windows to add softness to a room or for a contracting effect.  They are very popular windows in the Kansas City area.

Bay Windows – A bay window is typically made of three windows that include one picture window with two smaller side windows.  This style of window protrudes from the exterior of the house, allowing more floor space to the interior.

Bow Windows – Similar to a bay window.  The main difference is the number of windows used to create a bow window, typically four or five.  A bow window also more curved than a bay window, creating a more rounded appearance.  The cost of bow windows is higher than bay windows due to the extra windows and a more complex installation process.

Garden Windows – If you love to grow plants, a garden window is a great addition to your home.  Garden windows come with shelves and side ventilation that are perfect for growing house plants and herbs.

  • Floor to Ceiling Windows
  • Glass Block Windows
  • Louvered Windows
  • Mullioned Windows
  • Patio Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Shed Windows
  • Sidelight Windows
  • Soundproof Windows
  • Storefront Windows
  • Sunrise Windows
  • Sunroom Windows
  • Transom Windows

Energy Efficient Window Glass Options:

Windows come with different degrees of Energy Star ratings for thermal efficiency.  At Door Systems, we offer several glass options to our customers, from low to high performing thermal windows.  Below is a quick explanation of the various window glass options available:

Single Pane Window: As the name suggests, a single pane window features a single pane of glass.  This type of window serves to stop the wind but does little to stop exterior temperatures, both cold and hot, from entering your home.  Benefit: purchase price

Double Pane Window: Double pane windows, also known as thermopane windows, feature two panes of glass. This type of window adds a layer of energy efficiency by providing additional insulation, not only from outside temperatures but they also decrease noise.  Double pane windows can reduce your heat loss up to 50%. Benefits: Up to 50% heat loss reduction, costs less than triple pane windows

Triple Pane Window:  Triple pane thermal windows are the most energy efficient windows available.  They have three panes of glass which make them not only energy efficient but safer, extremely durable and long lasting.  Homeowners choose triple pane windows over double pane windows due to the significant increase in performance.  There is approximately a 20%-30% improvement in triple pane windows energy ratings.   Benefits: Long lasting, durable, safer, high energy efficiency

Window Frame Materials: When choosing new windows for a new home, or deciding on replacement windows, don’t forget to consider the materials that comprise the window frame. There are a number of materials you can choose from such as aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, wood and more. When choosing, think about the style of your home as it is important to match the type and style of your window frames to the style of your home. For example, modern vinyl windows would not look appropriate on a historical Victorian style home.

When it is time to update your home windows, considering all the choices available can seem like an overwhelming task which is why Door Systems has window experts that can help guide you in your decision as you choose between these many types of windows.

Aluminum Windows – Aluminum windows have a number of benefits, such as being lightweight, strong, and almost maintenance free. Aluminum window frames are also one of the least expensive window frames which is a great benefit. They are best suited for very mild and temperate climates. Aluminum conducts heat and cold very quickly, making it a very poor insulator and negating any energy efficiency you may gain with double or triple pane windows.

Fiberglass Windows – Fiberglass is a synthetic option for window frames that is growing in popularity. This option is extremely durable and looks good both on the inside and outside of your home. They come in a wide variety of colors so that you can match them to the design of your home. Fiberglass windows also offer the benefit of being very low maintenance. Fiberglass is one of the strongest materials available for window frames and offer a great level of insulation, much higher than that of aluminum. Fiberglass windows have an air space that can be filled with insulation, greatly increasing their thermal performance. One of the main downsides to fiberglass windows is the cost; they can be one of the more expensive window frame options.

Vinyl Windows – Current window trends show vinyl window frames being one of the most popular choices for business and homeowners. They come in a wide variety of colors and are treated to stand up to damaging UV rays. It is a very durable material with almost no maintenance required. While vinyl windows cannot be painted, this actually adds to the low maintenance aspect. Vinyl window frames have a very high insulation level. Like fiberglass frames, they also have areas that can be filled with insulation, which makes them one of the best window frame options with the highest thermal capabilities. They are also a relatively inexpensive option for window frames, which increases the appeal to homeowners when they are choosing new or replacement windows.

Wood Windows – Wood frame windows have been around for ages and they certainly still have a place in modern day when discussing window frame material options. Wood is a natural material that adds a level of warmth and charm to a home that is hard to replicate with man-made products. Wood windows do have a good level of insulation, definitely better than that of aluminum. While wood frames are highly customizable with not only paint but also stain options, they are a window frame choice that requires a lot of upkeep. Some downsides to using wood window frames includes the fact that wood expands and contracts due to weather conditions, the amount of upkeep needed, and their response to the elements. It is not as durable as some other options, water can cause rotting over time, and sunlight or heat can cause unattractive cracks. If you choose a higher quality wood for your wood window frames they can be a very expensive option.

Wood-Clad Windows – Wood-clad windows combine the benefits of wood window frames along with whatever man-made material you choose to go with, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. The interior window frames are comprised of wood and the exterior portion of the frame is covered with aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. On the interior of your home, you get the benefit of the warm feel of wood and all the benefits that go with wood frame windows.  By cladding the exterior of the frame with aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl, you get all the benefits of those materials on the exterior; they are low maintenance, offer superior insulation than wood alone, and highly durable as they are not prone to warping, rotting, cracking, or expansion and contraction like wood frames.

Composite Windows – Composite window frames are made from composite wood materials, such as particleboard or laminated strand lumber. Composite windows offer a lot of the same benefits as wood window frames. Generally the composite frames actually have better thermal protection that regular wood frames and they are more resistant to water damage and decay. They also are a less expensive option than natural wood frames.

Door Systems, Inc. can consult with you to help choose custom windows in any of the above styles for your home windows or commercial property. Call us today to view our new windows and efficient windows selection!