• Garage Doors

    Door Systems, Inc. has been installing and servicing premium garage doors in Lee’s Summit for half a century. Whether you want a custom carriage house garage door for your Lee’s Summit home, or a commercial garage door for your business or warehouse, Door Systems has the right garage door and at the right price. We proudly specialize in garage doors made by premium manufacturers for their beauty, durability and reliability. We will also repair and service any garage door from all makers. By supporting locally owned and operated Door Systems, Inc., you are not only enriching the Lee’s Summit community, but also maintaining easy access to our trained garage door experts who take pride in the community and their product. Contact us today for a free estimate for your new garage door cost, parts, replacement or repair. Our certified garage door specialists can address all your garage door concerns.

  • Garage Door Openers

    Your garage door opener is essential for the garage door to function. The garage door technicians at Door Systems, Inc. know the mechanics and technology involved in a properly installed and operational garage door opener. We can install and service the correct automatic door opener or automatic gate opener for your home or business. Our garage door technicians understand that your garage door is likely the largest moving part in your home or business. An object that heavy presents a serious safety concern if the opener and sensors are not working properly. If your garage door opener is over 10 years old it may contain outdated safety technology. Garage door opener systems that are older do not have the mandatory safety technology that modern operators contain.

  • Windows

    If you’re looking for windows for your home or business, Door Systems, Inc. in Lee’s Summit has every type of window you could wish for. Whether you’d like to install an insulated window where one never existed, or need to replace all your windows with energy efficient windows, Door Systems, Inc. can help you navigate through the maze of options and window manufacturers available. We want you to land on the finest windows available for your home or office. We can help with single or double hung windows, double pane or triple pane options, and energy efficient windows to save you money all year around. Our local window experts at Door Systems will help you navigate the many choices offered and guide you toward the best windows for your home or office while staying within your budget. Call us today to learn about the many existing window choices.

  • Entry Doors

    Door Systems, Inc. offers an extensive selection of front doors and entry doors for the Kansas City metro area. We carry standard entry door sizes and have the ability to create custom size entry doors for your home or business. Our door selection includes standard and double entry doors as well as entry doors with pet door access. Front doors, especially wood entry doors, are popular products because of their ability to increase curb appeal, essential when you decide to resell. We offer a variety of styles to complement your home or business and also provide practical benefits. If you want a custom front door that provides your exterior a unique look and design, Door Systems can create an array in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles from modern to rustic. You can either order a custom front door for the size alone, or you can customize with entry door styles and entry door colors.

  • Patio Doors

    Door Systems, Inc. combines convenience and style with our many patio door offerings. We only provide the highest quality exterior patio doors for our Kansas City metro residents. We carry all standard patio door size specifications but also offer custom patio door sizes and custom designs. Sliding patio doors are a popular option among homeowners who enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the functionality of sliding doors that don’t take extra space when open. The patio sliding glass door allows light to enter your home and is convenient to use. Along with standard patio sliding door design options, we can also create custom sliding patio doors for your home both in design and in size. Much like sliding doors, French doors for a patio allow a lot of light into the home with a much more luxurious aesthetic. We can provide patio doors in fiberglass, vinyl as well as hinged or accordion styles.

  • Security and Storm Doors

    Though security doors and storm doors both provide protection from intruders, they also offer an extra layer of protection from the outside elements. Both security doors and storm doors also greatly increase curb appeal when added to your home or business. In addition, storm and security doors are available in array of materials such as glass, wood and steel. Door Systems, Inc. can install an ideal storm door or security door from our wide array of styles and materials whether you need storm doors with screens or double storm doors for your patio. Our storm door installation and storm door replacement options can also be customized to fit your home or business perfectly. Our storm doors and security doors are created to be the best in both form and function.

  • Gate Openers and Operators

    Gate openers vary widely as does the power and system required to open the gate. If you’re looking for a security gate opener for your driveway or automatic gate opener for the parking lot of your business, Door Systems, Inc. can find the right option to fit your needs. Door Systems carries a wide variety of security gates and gate openers for homes and businesses that help to add a rich aesthetic to your residential or commercial property while offering an added layer of security for your family or business. We have the proper gate opener for folding security gates, electric gates or iron security gates. The technicians at Door Systems, Inc. will help you to find a gate opener that meets your security requirements and is also beautiful and functional.