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When Do You Need Garage Door Repairs?

Homeowners are often taken by surprise when they push the button on their garage door opener and nothing happens. But, if you pay attention to your garage door and opener you can often catch warning signs that the opener is heading towards failure. By catching these signs and having a technician perform repairs before the failure happens you can often times save yourself money by preventing larger repairs to be needed before further failure occurs. Sometimes a garage door failure is simply an inconvenience, but they can also be dangerous. If your garage door is giving any of these warning signs your should contact a garage door technician as soon as possible to avoid any dangerous situations that could arise.

Is Your Garage Door Making New Noises?

While your garage door likely makes quite a bit of noise when it opens when it is functioning properly you can listen for changes in those noises that may signify that a failure is on the horizon and garage door repairs will be needed.

A high-pitched squeak can mean that the wheels and rollers, or maybe even the torsion springs, need to be lubricated.

A scraping or grinding sound can signify that your door is out of alignment. This could be caused by a failing spring or cable.

Is Your Garage Door Failing To Close Completely?

Before you call for garage door repairs when your door isn’t closing completely you want to make sure the door pathway is completely clear and free from obstructions. Make sure the sensor are clean and there are no cobwebs or debris in the way. If that was not the cause of the problem you may then need to call a technician. Your garage door may not be closing all the way due to the sensors being out of alignment or it could be a problem with loose or damaged cables.

A change in the temperature inside your garage can also be an indicator that you are not getting a proper seal with the garage door and the ground.

Is Your Garage Door Sluggish Or Hard To Open?

A slow or difficult to open garage door could be a sign of a need for more extensive garage door repairs. This issue could be a sign of impending spring failure. If you disable the garage door opener using the manual override cable, which usually is a cable with a red handle hanging from the rear of the door, you should be able to lift the door manually. If the door is very heavy feeling and hard to open or if it does not stay halfway open on it’s own you should consult a garage door technician for spring repair or replacement.

Does Your Garage Door Show Physical Signs of Wear & Tear?

If your garage door belt or chain droops when the door is open that is a good indication that it is time to call for garage door repairs. This can be a sign that the main gear in the opener motor is worn out. Replacing the gear is much easier to do before it fully gives out!

If the springs are sagging you should contact a technician for garage door repairs as soon as possible. These springs can be dangerous if they snap and will leave your garage door completely unable to be opened.

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