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Lee's Summit Chamber Challenge 2019 Recap

The 2019 Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge, AKA field day for adults AKA the best work day all year, was held on Thursday April 25 at Paradise Park.

Door Systems team members, Brittney Hiles and John Wayne Walcutt, partnered up with members of the marketing team from Digital Marketing Inc. to compete in the big event.

The Door Systems Inc Chamber Challenge Team from 2019
Left to Right: Jace Thomas, John Wayne Walcutt, Caressa Wainwright, Greg Griffin, Michelle Smith, Emily Simpson

With our custom t-shirts on and the sun shining, the Door Systems team set off for a day full of outdoor activities and physical challenges.

We started off the event playing a game of corn-hole, winning on a buzzer beater shot. Then moved onto dodge-ball, put put golf, and then to a game of GIANT beer pong! Some team members were more experienced than others.

Greg Griffin holding a giant beer pong ball

After winning in giant beer pong, we moved onto the relay race, where DMI team member Michelle Smith crushed it with her egg balancing skills.

Three girls at the Chamber Challenge in 2019

With another W under the belt from the relay, the team moved onto a game of volleyball. With a team consisting of a current volleyball coach, two volley “ballers”, and a guy that’s 6’4”, you can see how Door Systems easily won this round.

The last challenge for the day was a water balloon toss, which unfortunately the DSI team lost. Gotta let the other teams win sometimes!

Tired, sore, and hungry, everyone headed to the Awards Ceremony to finish off the day.

After competing in the Chamber Challenge for four years, the Door Systems team FINALLY won an award! We placed third overall and won the Most Spirited Award.

Third place winning team at the Lee's Summit Chamber Challenge