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Door Systems, Inc. Sponsored and Competed in the 2016 Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge

Door Systems, Inc. had an amazing time at the inaugural Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge on April 28 at Paradise Park! The teambuilding-type exercises provided an afternoon of fun and friendly sportsmanship among many area businesses and organizations. The Door Systems, Inc. team was made of members of our marketing company, Digital Marketing Inc., who fought hard at every challenge!

Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge door systems inc

The Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge Breakdown

door systems inc Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge mini golf
door systems inc dodgeball Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge

Our team’s day started with miniature golf where three pairs played to win points for their team total. One of the Door Systems , Inc. pairs won their game while the other two came in a close second.  Next up was dodgeball where the Door Systems, Inc. team dominated and won two out of three games!

Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge volleyball door systems inc

The next game was volleyball where our Door Systems, Inc. table was set up! We offered candy to everyone at the sand volleyball court to provide that extra sugar rush to get them through the game as well as a garage door opener special offer. Our team won the volleyball game thanks to some excellent serving from teammates.

Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge tug of war door systems inc

The Door Systems, Inc. team went onto capture the flag laser tag next where they were able to capture the other team’s flag one out of three of the games. The next challenge for our team at the Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge was tug of war. We went up against one of the biggest and strongest teams playing at the challenge and lost gallantly.

Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge relay door systems inc

Our team strategized all afternoon about the relay race, a course with six different stations all with their own challenges. The first relay was to carry three medicine balls of different weights up a hill followed by a potato sack hop race. Then a team member had to make two laps around Paradise Park before tagging in the team mate that was supposed to fill a bucket with water using only a paper cup. After that challenge, a team member had to carry a 60 pound heavy bag up and down a hill before the last team mate had to weave in and out of traffic cones with an egg on a spoon to win the relay. The Door Systems, Inc. team fought hard and won the challenge!

Lee’s Summit Chamber Challenge door systems inc cornhole

Door Systems, Inc. ended the Chamber Challenge with a relaxing game of cornhole. Our expert cornholers scored us some points in this challenge. Overall the Door Systems, Inc. team had a blast competing against other Lee’s Summit businesses and getting to know more people in the community.

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