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August Special Offer!

Energy Efficient Vinyl Window Special Offer

At Door Systems, Inc., we have an amazing partnership with Vista Window Company, one of our suppliers. So when Vista contacted the owner of Door Systems, Inc. to announce the special offer of triple gazed windows at the double glazed price, we were elated but not surprised.

The Vista Window Company has a long history of providing customers the finest vinyl windows at affordable prices.  Vista Windows Company was founded in April 2001 by a group of industry veterans determined to impose a new set of principles on the window business.  These veterans started the company by combining their depth of experience, common sense, and a genuine desire to do right by every customer.  Over the last decade, Vista has quickly grown to become one of the largest window manufacturers in America and a leader in energy efficient door and window products.

Vista constantly strives to develop innovative products to help you reduce energy costs and add beauty to your home, all while fitting in your budget. At their state-of-the-art glass facility, they manufacture some of the most energy-efficient insulated glass units available. Having their own glass plant gives us the advantage of producing our windows quickly and incorporating the latest technology available. All Vista products have been tested and meet or exceed NFRC requirements, many qualifying for the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient program.

So what makes these triple glazed windows more energy efficient?

The Super-V seal window features a triple-glazed unit with two cavities of argon gas and one coating of low E along with three pieces of clear glass.   Super V-Seal is one of the most energy-efficient families of glass that Vista offers.  In addition to the triple-glazed technology, these windows are designed with Super Spacer® technology that can withstand stress metal spacers can’t.  Engineered with 100% thermoset structural foam, it remains flexible despite movement of the panes of glass caused by stress from temperature fluctuations.  More rigid spacers eventually pull apart from the glass due to this constant stress but this “no-metal” construction stays in place under normal stress.  This No-metal super-spacer-patented all-foam design reduces condensation for the clearest picture in warm-edge technology.  Condensation can be harmful and costly but Vista’s No-Metal Super-Saver Patented all-foam technology reduces condensation for the clearest picture in warm-edge technology.  Super spacer provides edge of glass temperature up to 21ºF warmer than a conventional spacer.

To complete these beautiful energy-efficient windows, Vista added the convenient EEE-Z-Kleen™ treatment which is an innovative and protective glass treatment that is factory-applied to all of the glass surfaces of your windows to help repel dust and water making window washing a breeze.  It provides simple maintenance and time savings along with improved glass clarity, strength and visibility plus enhances the appearance and prolongs the life of the insulated glass in your new Vista windows.

Should the glass be broken for any reason, the material is covered for a lifetime to the original purchaser.

If you are considering replacing your outdated, energy draining windows in your home or business, take advantage of this limited time offer.  Door Systems, Inc. can provide you with a free estimate and they are the best in the biz at installing replacement windows.

Call 1-816-524-8535 before this offer expires on August 31, 2017.

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