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Advice From Door Systems, Inc. – A Garage Door Company in Kansas City

The best advice we can give at Door Systems, Inc. is to respect your doors. Garage doors are the largest moving object in the house. Because of this, garage door parts are heavy duty but will experience wear and tear over the years which inevitably causes safety issues. Minor garage door repairs can be done by homeowners, but garage door spring repair and service for the cables and electronics needs to be done by a professional. We have heard (and received photos!) of many horror stories from do-it-yourselfers who found themselves in over their heads and received some pretty bad injuries while trying to save a couple bucks on repairs. Some of the standard garage door maintenance dates include:

  • Steel garage doors inspected once per year.
  • Wood garage doors inspected twice per year.
  • Garage door operators safety tested once per year.

The best time to get these garage door service appointments on the books is during summertime. Winter weather makes garage door openers work harder and breaks during the winter can leave your home pretty drafty! Door Systems, Inc. gets booked up in the winter with these emergency repairs so you want to be sure your garage system is functioning properly during the warm weather months!

Our sales professionals look forward to meeting on the weekends and before or after work to walk you through our showroom of new garage doors, entry doors, and windows. Call us today!

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